Adrian’s Law

UPDATE: Adrian’s Law has passed Kansas

legislation in both the House & Senate!

Adrian Jones was not only neglected by his parents, he was also greatly neglected by the states of Kansas and Missouri. For years, social workers, doctors, therapists, juvenile and police officers ignored Adrian’s cries for help and turned the other cheek to his horrendous abuse. Adrian’s death can’t be in vain. Lessons need to be learned and laws need to change.

Adrian’s Law would put in place a special court appointed advocate for every child in the Kansas DCFS system. The advocate would spend time with the child, oversee the case through its entire duration and speak in the sole interest of that child in court. The advocate would assist social workers and make sure all of the child’s needs are being met which would prevent any child from slipping through the cracks like little Adrian did. This would save the lives of countless children in the system and give them a voice in court instead of relying solely on their overloaded caseworker.

Your support is needed to get Adrian’s Law passed. Below are the contacts for each Representative, please reach out to all of them expressing your support for House Bill 2187 (Adrian’s Law.) You do not have to be a Kansas resident. You can express anything you want to, or you don’t even have to give a reason at all just to let them know you support it. A simple phone call or email stating “Please pass HB 1287 into law” or “Please support HB 1287” will work great. Please, take the time out of your day to contact them. Once we get this passed in Kansas, we can start in Missouri and other states. After you have reached out to the legislators, if you can, please share this page.

Read the full bill HERE
Read the fiscal note HERE

Representative Bill Rhiley – Wellington


Representative Suzi Carlson – Clay Center


Representative Randy Garber – Sabetha


Committee Chair: Representative Susan Concannon – Beloit


Representative Susan Ruiz – Shawnee


Representative Diana Dierks – Salina


Representative Nancy Lusk – Overland Park


Vice Chair: Representative Susan Humphries – Witchita


Representative Paul Waggoner – Hutchison


Representative Charlotte Esau – Olathe


Representative Leonard Mastroni – LaCrosse


Ranking Minority Member: Representative Jarrod Ousley – Merriam


I’ve received alot of questions about videos about Adrian’s Law some of you may have previously seen on YouTube. These are past versions of Adrian’s Law. Both of these acts passed the House but died in the Senate. They are separate from the current bill. Neither one were written into law.